How to install Radmaster Isolating Radiator Tails

fitting instructions

Existing system

  • Switch off the central heating system and allow the system to cool.
  • Close the radiator inlet and outlet valve.
  • Protect the flooring around each end of the radiator.
  • Open air inlet valve and undo the union nuts on radiator tails and drain radiator into container, taking care to avoid spillages.
  • Once draining is complete remove the existing tailpieces, if using 22mm, retain nut from old system and use alongside a 22mm adaptor (also available).
  • Wrap male thread of Isolating Tails with PTFE tape.
  • Fit the tails to the radiator.
  • Fit to the inlet and outlet valves using the union nut and olive or adaptor provided.
  • Open inlet and outlet valves and air vent valve.
  • Refill the radiator.
  • When the radiator is full close off air valve and check for leaks.
  • Switch on central heating system and recheck for leaks.

radmaster isolating tails

New installation/new build of Radmaster Isolating Radiator Tails

  • The isolation valve is compatible with all systems irrespective of size of inlet/outlet valves (15mm or 22mm adaptor available).
  • On installation replace the existing tailpiece with the isolation valve and the appropriate nut and olive.
  • Fit to the system.

The radiator can now be removed at any time without the need to drain the radiator or entire system.

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