How to fix water hammer banging noise on your LG washing machine

Do you hear a loud bang when your LG washing machine stops filling?

Like a lot of LG washing machine owners you may be experiencing a very loud bang when the pipes are filling or when the water shuts off. This is often caused by something called water hammer.


What is water hammer?

The term water hammer refers to the noises and pressure surges associated with the movement of water through the plumbing system. When flowing water comes to a sudden stop, this is referred to as water hammer.

When a valve or tap is shut off, the water come to an abrupt stop. The momentum in the water turns into a pressure increase within the pipe, because water cannot be compressed. This pressure wave results in the banging noise.

water hammer arrester to cure loud banging lg washing machine

How to cure water hammer on your LG washing machine?

Sioux chief water hammer arresters are designed to cure pipes banging. The 660-H washing machine and dishwasher mini rester is suitable for DIY or plumber install.