What type of toilet flush button do i need?

Depending on the model of your flushing valve or your cistern, there is an option to use a single flush or dual flush toilet button. Water saving is now an issue due to many people opting to save on their water bills. Those who have a water meter, for example, would look to utilise saving water efficiently.

What is a dual flush button?

A dual flush toilet button is a combination of two buttons that can flush different amounts of water. The primary purpose of a dual flush button is to save water. The half or full flush mechanism allows the user to control the water waste, this could be useful for users who may have a water meter for example.

What is a single flush button?

A single flush toilet is often in older toilet cisterns. A one flush mechanism means that in one flush the same amount of water is flushed away. A single flush valve can use up to 12 litres of water per flush.

What is a pneumatic flush button?

A pneumatic (also known as air operated) button is renowned as a more efficient and modern mechanical type flush button. As long as the pneumatic tubes are connected to the outlet valve, a pneumatic push button can be fitted.

What is a cable operated button?

A cable operated push button allows it to be installed on the front, top or side of the toilet cistern.

Are all flushing valves compatible with single and dual flush buttons?

Older cisterns often have valves that require a single flush button. Brands such as Siamp, Fluidmaster and Dudley supply both single and dual flush buttons to fit the compatible cistern. If you have any problems or issues, please feel free to contact a member of our technical team to assist you further.

How to unscrew toilet flushing valves toilet button

On the Siamp youtube page, there is an example of unscrewing and removing the flush button.