How to install Dudley Turbo 88 Duoflush 2-Part Syphon

The turbo 88 is the UK’s market leading syphon and is quick and easy to install. It is used as a replacement in most ceramic exposed and plastic concealed cisterns.

  1. Start by measuring from the cistern bottom to the marked water linedudley turbo 88
  2. For Turbo 88 adjustable syphon slide out yellow pin, adjust the white downleg and blue body to the correct height and replace the yellow pin
  3. For adjustable and fixed height Turbo 88 syphons the spillover should be 25-32mm above the water line
  4. Remove top white plug for 6L full flush, bottom plug for 7L full flush or leave in both plugs for 9L flush
  5. Make sure cistern outlet hole is clean
  6. Fit black washer onto threaded tail
  7. Fit syphon into cistern and screw on backnut
  8. Tighten with spanner or grips
  9. Connect lift arm to metal c link and lift arm to lever and tighten screwwras approved logo
  10. Fill cistern and hold inlet valve float down to check internal overflow is working
  11. Test reduced flush by holding lever down
  12. Test full flush by releasing lever


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