Sioux Chief Water Hammer Arrestors

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Banging or Thumping Pipes?

Easy to install and with a lifetime guarantee, a Water Hammer Arrestor is the ultimate protection against water hammer damage.

Mini Resters

For single appliance installation

mini rester, the permanent solution

DW660-2J 1/2”
BSP Threaded Fitting Simply fitted with a female 1/2” x 15mm Iron Tee.
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Washing Machine / Dishwasher Fits directly onto washing machine inlet and hose.
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A Water hammer arrestor can be installed within six foot of the problem appliance and at any angle.



What is Water Hammer?

Water hammer occurs when the flow of moving water through pipes and fixtures is suddenly stopped by a valve or faucet. This sudden stop results in a spike of pressure behind the valve which acts like a tiny explosion in the pipes.

Is it harmful?

Without protection, this pressure spike will damage pipes, valves, fixtures and appliances throughout the plumbing system.

water hammer arrestors, lifetime guarnateed

Hydra Resters

For Multi Appliance Installation

Commercial Water Hammer Arrestor

Larger size water hammer arrestors are available from stock to suit large runs of pipework with multiple branch lines. Available from SparesPRO

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