Types of Toilet Handles

A broken toilet flush handle or cistern lever is a fairly common plumbing problem. Toilet handles get lots and lots of use and like everything, they can eventually break and need replacement.

There are various types of toilet handles to pick from. Firstly, remove the cistern lid and identify which type you have. If you are unsure which type you have then take a photo and contact one of our experts and we will recommend a suitable replacement.
When replacing a toilet handle, you don’t have to install the exact same style. We have many different makes and models to choose from.
Here are some brief descriptions of different types of toilet handles that might help you identify which type you have.


Cistern Hole Size

The majority of cisterns have a 1/2″ lever hole size. Generally, the only exception to this are cisterns made by Ideal Standard who have a 3/8″ lever hole size. At SparesPRO, we offer a universal lever that is designed to suit all cisterns in a gold or chrome plated finish.

Front Toilet Flush Handle

This is the most common type of toilet flush handle. A front handle is on the very front of the toilet cistern, usually in the top right-hand corner.

Just because front toilet flush handles are the most common type, it does not mean that any front toilet handle will work on all toilets. When replacing a front flush handle, measure to ensure you have the correct size.Front Toilet Handle

Side Action Toilet Flush Handle

Side fix toilet handles come out at the side of the toilet cistern. Usually, the spindle length is longer on a side lever.
Side action toilet handles are less common than front lever handles but SparesPRO has a wide range of styles and finishes in stock to choose from.
Side toilet flush handle

Extended Long Reach Cistern Lever Handle

Long reach extended concealed cistern lever toilet handles are for use with concealed or hideaway cisterns.
You can cut the lever to the required length with a hacksaw.
Extended long reach toilet flush button

Cistern Lever for Curved Cistern

Some cisterns are curved and these will require a lever that is supplied with wedge washers, to straighten the lever through the hole.
Toilet flush handle for curved cisterns

Replacing your Toilet Flush Handle

Replacing your toilet handle is an easy job for anyone keen to do this themselves. As long as toilet handle fits the cistern hole size and the spindle length is correct and lines up with the c link, it will require unscrewing the nut and remove the lever and then feed through the new lever into the cistern hole and screwing the nut. The spindle then should attach to the c link.