How To Use Drain Rods To Unblock A Drain

Blocked drains are not just an aggravation, they can cause flooding and damage to your pipes and property. If you find that you have a blocked drain, you may be able to clear it yourself by using a set of Beta flexible drain rods.

If you have a blocked drain, you need to take care of it immediately to avoid unpleasant smells and risk of flooding. We recommend that you should always wear protective clothing including gloves, goggles and a face mask.

Please read our guide below to help you quickly and easily clear a blocked drain.

Drain rods with guide wheel

Step 1: Identify where the Blockage is

To find the blockage, you may have to lift the manhole cover if the drain is covered. A screwdriver should help to raise the edge so that you can remove the cover safely. There may be more than one cover between the house and the main sewer so start with the one closest to the house.

Drain rod in action

Step 2: Use Drain Rods to Loosen the Blockage

With your gloves on, reach into the drain and try to locate the blockage. If you cannot see a visible blockage, attach the rubber plunger to the end of a drain rod and insert into the drain connecting more drain rods one at a time.

Once you reach the blockage, you will need to push the rods back and forth and in and out of the drain. This build-up of water pressure will force the obstruction clear. You might need to apply some pressure to release the blockage, but be careful not to do any damage to the drain.

If you reach an obstacle, you are not able to push through then change the fitting to the double worm screw, this will break up or grab the blockages such as paper or rags making withdrawal easy.

Please note: If you need to twist the rods, make sure you turn them clockwise so they will not separate while you are using them. Unless you are using our Beta lockfast version which ensures the rods cannot come undone whichever way the drain rods are turned.

Drain Rods

Step 3: Wash Away Debris and check for proper drainage

Once the blockage has been broken up, you should see a drop in the water level. Pour water down the drain using a hosepipe to wash away any debris and check the drain is running correctly. Make sure the water flows down the drain properly and doesn’t become backed up.

Once cleared, safely lift the manhole cover back into position. Rinse drain rods and tools thoroughly before storage.