Radmaster Isolating Radiator Tails

Radmaster isolating radiator tails

Are you tired of draining radiators? Would you like to easily remove radiators without having the need to drain your entire system? Radmaster isolating radiator tails allow the the radiator to be removed without draining the system, saving time and money!

Once fitted between the radiator and the valve, Radmaster isolating radiator tails allow radiators to be removed at any time without draining your entire system.

the benefits of radmaster isolating tail valves

  • Minimises time to remove and replace
  • Does not require draining radiator or system
  • No alterations necessary to existing pipework
  • No loss of inhibitor/no top up required
  • Unique patented design (in UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Internationally)
  • Tested and conforms to BS2767
  • Designed to be discreet
  • Operated with an allen key

Radmaster isolating radiator tails

When you remove a radiator, perhaps to paint behind it for a seamless and professional finish, draining the water can be a time-consuming and messy business. There’s always the risk of spilling water and sediment, ruining carpets and flooring and taking additional time to clean up.

Using Radmaster isolating radiator tails allows you to remove the radiator while it remains full of water, removing the time-consuming part of the removal process as well as the risk of spillage.


For further information, view our installation guide. Alternatively contact our experts who can advise you more on the Radmaster isolating radiator tails.

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